About the Symphony

Who We Are

We are an orchestra comprised of creative, resilient, and enthusiastic people connected by the love of music. We are proud to call San Jose home and embrace the innovative and diverse culture of our community by reflecting this same spirit in our performances and programs.

San Jose’s connection to symphonic music runs deep, tracing back more than 140 years when musicians came together to form the city’s first orchestra in 1879. Today, our talented orchestral musicians are key to Symphony San Jose’s unique artistic identity. We are one of the few American orchestras that does not employ a resident music director, instead, welcoming a roster of distinguished guest conductors to the podium for each production.

Each year, we perform dozens of performances ranging from Classics concerts at the California Theatre, iconic films performed with live orchestral accompaniment at the Center for the Performing Arts, and numerous education and community programs performed throughout the South Bay area.

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Our Values

  • Engagement

    We believe that live symphonic music has the power to engage our senses, challenge our thinking, and uplift our spirits.

    We strive to create musical experiences that inspire audiences to connect, reflect, and thrive.

  • Exploration

    We seek to explore the horizons of what a symphony can be, taking inspiration from the innovative spirit of our community.

    We take a creative approach to our programming, business model, and roster of creative instrumentalists and conductors, creating unique experiences that surprise and delight our audiences.

  • Environment

    We represent the dynamic city of San Jose and its surrounding communities in all its facets—people from all walks and cultures, past, present, and future.

    We strive to be a true reflection of our friends and neighbors.

    As our city continues to evolve, so will we—continuing to honor the history of our community as we discover our exciting future.

  • Education

    We seek to share the transformative, uplifting, and healing power that music can provide.

    Whether it be youth development, public outreach, or adult education, we foster the appreciation and understanding of symphonic music, bringing people together and enriching the cultural health of our community.

  • Equity

    We are committed to expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization, including in our board, staff, and volunteers.

    We are continuously evolving to create diverse programming that is reflective of the diverse community we serve. We recognize that certain groups have more access than others. Our priority is to expand access to our programs and to celebrate the vibrant voices of our neighbors through greater representation in our art and in our audience.