Symphony San Jose Chorale

The Transformative Impact
of Choral Music

Symphony San Jose Chorale, directed by Maestra Elena Sharkova, has become known for its eclectic mix of vibrant programs. It most often performs at the California Theatre, where it accompanies the Symphony in performing major works. Chorale also performs pieces from the classical and popular repertoire on its own and with guest soloists.

  • About the Chorale

    Symphony San Jose Chorale is a large auditioned choral group from the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area with musical training and choral experience, who commit to the standards of professional level performance by requiring and fostering superior levels of musicianship, vocal skills, discipline and dedication, and by continuously striving for improvement individually and collectively.

    We strive for passion with precision as we develop and share the fruits of our talent and dedication.

    We perform masterworks and more contemporary music with the Symphony, as well as a wide range of pieces, from jazz to liturgical and everything in between, with smaller instrumental groups and a capella.

    Maestra Sharkova, who directs the Symphony San Jose Chorale and the Cantabile Youth Singers, is an internationally recognized conductor, lecturer and master teacher.

  • Join the Chorale

    Symphony San Jose is always in search of exceptional voices to join our esteemed Chorale. As a premier arts organization committed to musical excellence, we value the power of collective harmony and the transformative impact of choral music. Whether you are an experienced chorister or a passionate vocalist looking to expand your horizons, Symphony San Jose invites you to join our dynamic community. Together, we create captivating performances that inspire and delight audiences, forging a musical journey that resonates with the spirit of our vibrant community. Come be a part of our chorus and share your voice with Symphony San Jose.

    For additional information, or if you have questions, please contact Elena Sharkova at

Our Musicians

  • First Soprano

    Caitlin Bower
    Jane Crockford
    Janice Edgerly-Rooks
    Jordan Emmart
    Elizabeth Feig
    Sara Folchi
    Nicole Fulton
    Beata Jarosiewicz
    Vicky Lin
    Vaishnavi Paul
    Bree'anna Walberg

  • Second Soprano

    Akiyo Godkin
    Jayne Bell
    Vernie Mast
    Ryoko Rueth
    Kate Toronto
    Caroline Wu

  • First Alto

    Lauren De Gruccio
    Elizabeth Edgerly
    Gwendolyn Hacker
    Lisa Hettler-Smith
    Petra Hofer
    Jean Hopner
    Kelsey Shaw
    Kyong Yim
    Tenaya Zoeller
    Selina Hsu

  • Second Alto

    Roxanne Janson
    Bronwen Lacey
    Mary Jo Lee
    Barbara Molony
    Nancy Voogd
    Cecilia Wong
    Anna Woodbury
    Lucy Conley
    Shiloh Ballard

  • Alto

    Fabiola Hsu
    Amy Jennings
    Natalie Hwang

  • First Tenor

    Julian Bliss
    Patrick Kelleher
    Hiro Matsunami
    Roger M. Wilcox

  • Second Tenor

    Jody Glider
    Brian Maas
    David Russo
    Bee Rutchik
    Jack Schwartz
    Joseph Stronger

  • First Bass

    Raoul Carag
    Scott Guthridge
    Calvin Hoover
    Louie Lee
    Geoff Schuller
    Bryan Sun

  • Second Bass

    George McGregor
    Randy Presuhn
    Jason Sandstrom

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